taipei-101.thinTaiwan has been at the center of the information age since its inception.  Many of the top manufacturers of electronics are based out of Taiwan and this industrial base creates a rich eco-system and supply chain for everything from computing  to digital imaging and display.  Taiwan is home to ODMs manufacturing everything in our daily lives from iPhones to laptops, and digital cameras to gaming consoles.

PeriCentric Consulting specializes in building US-Taiwan partnerships.  For over 15 years Pericentric has worked with The CID Group, one of Taiwan’s largest and most influential investment groups, to create strategic insight and identify emerging trends in technology using actual customer requirements.

Based out of Silicon Valley, the world’s main hub for innovation, PeriCentric has worked with start-up and early stage companies to help solve technical and manufacturing issues in the actualization of new ideas and products.  Through this work, PeriCentric has built a deep understanding of the Taiwan supply chain and many of its key executives, many of whom were either funded originally at CID or are personally invested in CID Group Funds.  PeriCentric’s mission is to help navigate the Taiwan and China supply chain efficiently to identify and access key technologies and build relationships necessary for a successful partnership.

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